tight [adj1] close, snug bound, clasped, closefitting, compact, constricted, contracted, cramped, crowded, dense, drawn, enduring, established, fast, firm, fixed, hidebound, inflexible, invulnerable, narrow, quick, rigid, secure, set, skintight, solid, stable, steady, stiff, strained, stretched, strong, sturdy, taut, tenacious, tense, thick, tightened, unbending, unyielding; concepts 483,485 —Ant. comfortable, free, loose, open, slack tight [adj2] sealed airtight, blind, blocked, bolted, choking, clumped, cramping, crushing, cutting, fast, fastened, firm, fixed, hermetic, hermetically sealed, impenetrable, impermeable, impervious, locked, nailed, obstructed, padlocked, pinching, plugged, proof, secure, short, shrunken, shut, skintight, slammed, smothering, snapped, sound, stopped up, tied, tied up, uncomfortable, watertight; concepts 489,576 —Ant. loose, open, unsealed, wide tight [adj3] stingy cheap, close, grasping, mean, miserly, parsimonious, penny-pinching*, penurious, sparing, tightfisted; concepts 334,401 —Ant. free, giving tight [adj4] difficult, troublesome arduous, close, critical, dangerous, distressing, disturbing, exacting, hazardous, near, perilous, precarious, punishing, rough, sticky, tense, ticklish, tough, tricky, trying, upsetting, worrisome; concepts 548,565 —Ant. easy, untroubled tight [adj5] intoxicated boozy*, buzzed*, drunk, drunken, high*, inebriated, loaded*, pickled*, plastered*, smashed*, stewed*, stoned*, tipsy, under the influence; concepts 401,406 —Ant. sober

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